01. A friend that really cares is always there for you.

02. Real friends always give Cards or Gifts on Birthdays and Christmas, and a "Get Well Card" if need be. If nothing else, at least remember to call.

03. A real and true friend always tries to give more to the friendship than they take.

04. A real and true friend does not purposely talk down to you. They instead try to help you with what you might not know.

05. A real and true friend is always completely honest with you, and them selves. If you Deceive yourself, how can you be Honest with another?

06. A real and true friend does not take advantage of another person's shortcomings, no matter what they might be.

07. A real and true friend offers instruction and constructive help where and when it is needed. It is up to the other friend to know and appreciate, that it is being offered.

08. A real and true friend always follows through with what they say they are going to do. If you can't follow through or don't mean it, don't commit to it in the first place.

09. A real and true friend lets you know when you have hurt or offended them, by phone-verbally-or in writing. A true friend also forgives!

10. A real and true friend does not flaunt their Gain's and Spoils in front of one another. Money, Gains and Spoils do not make us better friends or people.

11. A real and true friend does not talk you down to others behind your back. He instead builds you up.

12. A real and true friend does not insult your intelligence by trying to cloud or conseal what really isn't true, and then expect you to believe it.

13. Have a couple of drinks I don't mind, but don't come to my house, or around me if you're drunk.

14. Smoke if you've got them, but please do so in your own space. I am an ex smoker so please respect my space and my home by not smoking around us.

15. I used to use drugs, but I haven't done so for many years. If you are still using please don't bother coming around me at all.


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