The "Unknown Name Band" from left to right was made up of myself, Dan Saville, an original member of Charlie & the seniors, & Kid Cola Review. In the back is Bruce Ginn, a later member of Charlie & the seniors.
In the center in front of Bruce is, John Greenfield, an original member of Kid Cola Review. On Johns right is, Dave Warner, another original member of Kid Cola Review.
I played Rhythm & Lead Guitar and so did Bruce and we both sang. John was the drummer and sang, and Dave was the bass player and also sang. All in all, a pretty good band!

The drummer and I were the two responsible for putting this band together. We heard that the manager of an Elvis tribute in Yakima Washington was looking for a band to backup an Elvis tribute by the name of, Steve James.
Dave and Bruce were living in different towns at the time, but available, so we gave them a call and we all met in Yakima Washington soon after and became the backup band for the Elvis tribute of Steve James. As I said,
this was a pretty good band and it stayed together for a while even after Steve James left. It went through 2 or 3 different members over a period of time but it was a lot of fun. The end result, more good memories!


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